"Common Sense, Good Government"

Betsy Barfield has worked hard to:

Be responsive, accessible, and caring.
You call, she answers and tries her best to help.

Work with multiple agencies to bring broadband to Jefferson County in the very near future.
Reduce administrative overhead within our county government
Keep our property tax millage rate down
Introduce and advocate tax reductions for our senior citizens
Support road improvements including the paving of 150 miles of dirt roads, increase dirt road stabilization & maintenance
Work with citizens to create a paving program for private roads
Work with Transportation agencies to widen and pave county roads
Push to sell surplus lands – putting them back on tax rolls
Cost savings measures for hardening of our buildings
Push for noise ordinance
Push for new county attorneys and engineers
Motivate our board to push thru NextEra negotiations
Advocate and continue to work for springs protection and water quality in our County and region
Improve public safety and emergency/fire rescue services
Provide countywide key road, bridge & drainage improvements
Improve solid waste collection sites
Promote a roadside wild flower beautification plan
Improve public library resources
Improve parks and recreational opportunities
Produced Dirty Pecan cycling event; raising over $100,000 for Jefferson 4-H Youth Leadership Program in 8 years.
"I am a life-long resident of Jefferson County and attended our public schools. I am a small business owner here in the County. I understand the issues we face in our rural county. I have been your voice for 12 years and have the proven leadership skills to continue working hard as your Commissioner."
Betsy and Mack Barfield

Guiding Principles

Promoting Sensible Economic Development

Develop Quality Jobs and Businesses Friendly to our Community
Encourage and Retain Existing Area Businesses

Protecting Our Environment

Improve Water Quality and Environmental Review Processes
Conserve our Abundant Natural and Wildlife Resources
Support Proven Growth Management Principles

Improving Transportation & Infrastructure

Improve Existing Roadways and Roadway Funding
Develop Infrastructure Using "Smart Growth" Methods
Support Improved Medical and Emergency Services
All Done at the Lowest Reasonable Cost

Family and Community

Married to Mack A. Barfield, Jr.
Daughter of Isabelle and Tony de Sercey
Florida Sheriff’s Association – 30 Years
Member - Jefferson Arts Gallery
Member - Monticello-Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce
Member - Florida Farm Bureau
Florida Public Radio
Commission Appointee: Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency
Commission Appointee: Gulf Coast/BP Consortium
Commission Appointee: Broadband Committee
Commission Appointee: Forensic Audit Review
Graduate – Leadership Tallahassee Class XVII

Proven Leadership

Commission Appointee - Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency
Commission Appointee - Gulf Coast/BP Consortium
Commission Appointee - Tourist Development Council
Graduate - Leadership Tallahassee Class XVII
Catalyst - Knight Creative Communities Initiative

Education and Profession

Betsy Barfield Photography - Founder and CEO
Advanced County Commissioner Certification
Tallahassee Community College - Graduated with Honors
Jefferson County High School
We have all heard the adage "It takes a village to raise a child". In County government, it takes a vote of three to move an item forward. Twelve years ago I promised to be "A New Voice For A New Day." I gave you my three guiding principles which I have followed when making policy decisions. I have kept that promise to you and would like to share the accomplishments over the last twelve years.


We have all heard the adage "It takes a village to raise a child". In County government, it takes a vote of three to move an item forward. Four years ago I promised to be "A New Voice For A New Day." I gave you my three guiding principles which I have followed when making policy decisions. I have kept that promise to you and would like to share the accomplishments over the last eight years.

Protecting Your Environment

Successfully kept Ward Creek (3,200 acres of pristine public property) from transferring to private hands
Advocated and passed springs protection legislation
Supported the revitalization and restoration of the head waters of Wacissa Springs
Watchdog for Lloyd Historic District and wetlands setback in the Land Development Code

Promoting Sensible Economic Development

Worked with our community to create a Vision Action Plan for Jefferson County
Successfully lobbied the Florida Legislature to keep Jefferson Correctional Institution open
Introduced and passed a referendum for a business tax abatement ordinance
Commission Appointee on the BP Gulf Coast Consortium
Commission Appointee on the Tourist Development Council
Consult and work with agencies to bring broadband to Jefferson County.


Our County is fiscally sound due to the judicious allocation of limited resources
Re-located the extension office & sold building to private business
Streamlined county administrative functions
Retired old equipment for new efficient equipment
Leveled the fire assessment; county residents were paying, not city residents
Created a code enforcement magistrate system of government
Brought our agenda and meetings 'into the sunshine' by ending the practice of adding non-emergency items to our agenda without proper public notice
Built Fire/EMS headquarters - no debt
Built Solid Waste headquarters - no debt
Updated public library resources and facilities
Working to hire a budget officer and assistant county coordinator

Improving Transportation and Infrastructure

Suspended operations at the rock mine and allocated those employees, resources and equipment to our road paving and dirt road improvement programs
Advocated for the renewal of a road bond to pave 150+ miles of dirt roads
Created a dirt road stabilization program
Created a canopy road network/program which highlights the beauty of our County
Commission Appointee on the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA) - bringing millions of transportation dollars into the County for road, safety and bridge improvements
Created and circulated a Transportation Plan for Jefferson County
Re-instituted the Community Traffic Safety Team
Created a 'for fee' pilot program for private roads maintenance assistance and paving
Served as the lead Commissioner for the approval of a master bike/pedestrian plan

Tax Breaks

Introduced and passed an elder living quarters tax abatement
Introduced a low-income senior exemption on property tax
Lowered solid waste fees
I have worked hard to make sure that common sense is applied towards good government. I am your eyes and ears for transparency and good government. Let's keep Jefferson County moving forward!

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your County Commissioner.

Community Involvement

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de Sercey Family

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Dirty Pecan and 4-H

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Law Enforcement & EMT’s

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Road Bridges

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