Bike Giveaway

Again, harnessing my love for cycling and giving back, I partnered with Doug and Kathy Kirk.  They are from Michigan.  They discovered Monticello on a Cross-Florida Bike Tour.  They stayed in the John Denham House their first visit.  The fell in love.  

Since 2010 they winter in Monticello/Jefferson County.  

Doug is a gear head.  He loves to tinker with engines and bikes.  He asked me to gather up old used bikes.  Kathy is his #1 assistant.  

The following year they returned, I had a pile of bikes for him to fix.  He spent 4 months going over the repairs.  He purchased all the parts needed.  He fixed all different types of bikes - big, medium, small, gravel, road, mountain, commuter.  

Working with our Jefferson Department of Health and area businesses, we gave away helmets, bikes and good memories.  

Volunteers help fit the bikes to the people (not just kids, now). 

Every year we give away minimum of 50 bikes.  

We have installed 2 bike fix-it stations in Monticello.  

We enjoy giving back.  

Do you have a used bike you wish to donate?

© 2022, Betsy Barfield.
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