Every day I think about how to improve connectivity for all citizens in Jefferson County.  Connectivity…last mile…. Think think think…

Broadband is now a thought of as a public utility; ‘I must have to survive’…Indeed.  


Here is where we were:  

Copper cable - slow, spotty connectivity.  

No last mile provider that will come into our community to offer connectivity at a fast speed, for a reasonable price.  

The momentum has begun: 

2021 - Comcast laid fiber cable from TLH to Monticello.  Currently Monticello residents now have fiber connectivity.  Monticello has a digital canopy - thank you Comcast.  

Tri-County Cooperative Electric/Conexon. - Goodness, the leadership has stepped up.  They are on track to offer fiber to the home for their members.  The piece missing was that last mile.  Connexion is the partner to complete the connect.  

On July 7 at the Board of County Commissioner workshop we agreed we wanted to partner with Comcast for fiber connectivity.  We are currently researching other providers to make certain we have options to cover the entire County.

Spearheading the efforts, we search high and low for grants to further along fiber connectivity.  

Help us connect:  Department of Economic Opportunity needs connectivity speed checks.  Go to this site - take 30 minutes - and check in with your speed.  This is important:  Click here to take the DEO Speed Test

© 2022, Betsy Barfield.
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