de Sercey Family

My mom and dad instilled in all 6 of us to work hard, be kind, love your neighbors and especially the family.  

Mom and dad made a new life in Lloyd in 1964.  Dad became a long haul truck driver and mom raised us.  Only family to help was my paternal grandmother.  The rest of the family lived in France.  What a handful we were.  Bless my mom.

Frugal was the mode.  On our one acre parcel in Lloyd we had cows, chickens, rabbits…all to help put food on the table.  We also had horses, cats, dogs, and the usual assortment of children pets.  

Dad worked hard.  Mom committed that each of us 6 kids, by age 12, would take a trip to France to get to know the family and their native country.  

Lloyd was a good village to raise children.  It was a bustling little village with neighbors that enjoyed helping each other.  

As I sit here and type this narrative about my mom and dad here is what bubbles up:

Dad - gentle, funny, loving, demonstrative, kind, loved his bourbon.  He really loved his children and was so proud of each of us.  

Mom - Disciplined, quality, excellent cook, crooked finger*, supportive, kind.  Her accomplishment is her 6 children enjoy each other, as well as the spouses.  For a family of about 35, that is a great accomplishment.  

Dad died March 2021.  He is missed.  Mom is doing very well.  She digs in the dirt, sews, helps her children and enjoys happy hours on her back porch overlooking Caney Creek Pond.  

Mack and I are right across the pond - for her.  

*reach out to hear that story….

© 2022, Betsy Barfield.
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