Dirty Pecan and 4-H

Harnessing my energy and love for cycling, one of my cycling buddies created Dirty Pecan.  

This is a 40-60-80-100-150-200 mile bike ride (in one day!!) in beautiful Jefferson County.  

This event started 8 years ago with ab out 50 riders.  

March 2022 we have over 800 riders register.  We netted over $30,000 to benefit Jefferson County 4-H.  

In the 8 years of Dirty Pecan, this event has contributed over $100,000 to Jefferson County 4-H.  

This is one way I give back to my community.  

4-H is important to our youth.  These monies are used to teach leadership skills to our youth.  Were you a member of 4-H?


Here is their pledge:  

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