Road Bridges

Betsy serves on the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency; Community Traffic Safety Team.  

Waukeenah highway is getting widened and resurfaced - before December 2022.  Yes, 2022.  Due to errors on the last bid, we had to wait.  No longer are we going to make costly mistakes.  The Transportation functions are being returned to the Commission.  And we now have 3 new engineering firms that will help us.  

Lake Road is getting resurfaced before December 2022.  

Betsy took several bike rides on Jefferson County roads.  She noticed that the longer roads, Waukeenah, Boston, Ashville, Old Lloyd were not getting attention.  The Commission was told they were too long to submit.  MMMM - how do you eat an elephant…one bite at a time.  

So, with an eye on getting those long roads widened and resurfaced, she approached the Commission - asking to submit sections - not the entire road.  

Here is an update on road projects in Jefferson County.


$2,618,230 – 2023 Waukeenah Highway from US 27 to US 19 – Widening/Resurfacing existing lanes – Draft agreement in the works.

$2,026,102 – Now – Lake Road Resurfacing. Contract awarded.

$956,142 – 2022 Casa Bianca Road - resurfacing

$203,268 – 2022 - CR 259 Over SCL railroad bridge – Bridge rehab –


$743,712 – 2023 – Government Farm Road from North Salt to Parker Pond Road.

$232,176 – 2023 - US 90 – South Water to Bowman (City of Monticello Project)


$142,200 – Ashville – from St. Margaret Church Rd to Bassett Dairy – This will be widen/resurface – design underway with survey being completed. Construction dollars ($1,651,786) programed for 2024.


$2,014,259 – Boston Highway – first section for widen/resurfacing.

We must continue to think smart - Help me - make suggestions.

© 2022, Betsy Barfield.
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